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Skydiver jumps from 12,000 feet, comes into land at top, and amazingly snatches ‘Red Bull Can’ right off the ground

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This is the incredible moment a skydiver came into land at 60mph and skimmed the ground – before he amazingly snatched up a can of Red Bull.

Paraglider Nil Farre Berge, 28, jumped from 12,000 feet and came in at top speed, but still made the precision grab in one FLUID motion.

The video feat was inspired after fellow skydivers bet Nil he would not pull off the stunt and he set out to prove them wrong.

Skydiving instructor Nil, from Barcelona, Spain, said: “The speed you can go down with a competition parachute like the new Icarus GT-R is amazing! The adrenaline it gives you is incredible.

“It was my first attempt with that parachute, but I had tried one more time with another one.

“It was a very nice challenge. I showed myself that I am progressing well in my development as an athlete.”

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