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TAIL CHASER: This adorable tot and pup duo have a tail-chasing good time – Video

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Aakash Molpariya
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Watch this adorable video of a giggling toddler trying to imitate his dog’s tail-chasing antics.

Allison Weaks, 25, caught her one-year-old son Riley attempting to copy their five-year-old boxer Bella chasing her tail.

Stay-at-home mom Allison, from Huntsville, Alabama, said: “Boxers typically have their tails docked, but Bella doesn’t and she chases it all the time.

“On this certain day Riley took interest in that and he was just spinning circles like she was, and he thought it was hilarious.”

Bella’s tail chasing is nothing new for the family.

Allison added: “Bella chases her tail on command. Riley loves it, he’ll laugh forever at it.”

While Riley normally loves to watch Bella’s frantic spins, Allison said this was the first time he attempted it himself.

In the video, Riley spins on his own for almost 20 seconds before tumbling to the ground, a feat that Allison was impressed by.

“Doing the whole spinning thing at his age is really hard for them to do, but he did really well,” she said.

Allison said that Riley and Bella have been the best of buddies for Riley’s whole life.

“Bella is Riley’s little friend,” Allison added.

“He likes to take her toys and play with them and she’ll take his toys and play with them too. They have a really good relationship.

“Bella is very hyperactive and boisterous and she’s really loving and protective. She’s a great family dog.”

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