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3 Afghans arrested for raping and assaulting three sisters from Ohio

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The three young Afghans arrested yesterday for allegedly raping two sisters and assaulting the third from Ohio that prevented penetration will testify today in the Murcia court. They have spent the night in the dungeons while the National Police continues to collect information about what happened after New Year’s celebrations.

According to the victims’ story, three sisters from Ohio, aged 18, 20 and 23, became friends with these three young people in a cocktail bar and decided to continue the party at the home of one of them in the Santa Eulalia neighbourhood. Once inside the detainees would have surrounded them and raped two of them without consent. The youngest of the sisters avoided rape, but was severely beaten and presents a part of injuries.

“The Truth of Murcia” points out that the alleged Afghan aggressors, aged between 20 and 25, would not have used a condom and could have collected DNA samples in the victims to try to confirm the responsibility of the detainees. In addition, the newspaper states that the three defendants are Vocational Training students and that one of them has been granted political asylum in Spain.

The National Police are tracking security camera footage between the bar area where they celebrated New Year’s Eve and the house where the sexual assaults would have occurred. The detainees, according to sources close to the case that have spoken with La Opinión de Murcia, deny having violated any of them and that all contact was agreed.

When presenting the complaints, the protocol that led them to pass a medical examination was activated before giving a statement to the officers of the police unit of incidents of the San Andres police station, which has passed the case this morning to the specialized in attention to the family and the woman.

In his Twitter account, the third secretary of the Bureau of Congress, Javier Sánchez Serna, deputy of Podemos for Murcia, has said that “a few days ago some made fun of the women who went to the streets of Murcia to shout ‘The rapist it’s you’. Today they won’t say anything. It takes determined government action to make clear that only yes is yes.

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