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Chinese and Indian soldiers star in a fist fight at the border | Video

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Amit Kumar
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The tension is palpable in the environment between India and China due to the ambiguous situation that some parts of their border live. We recall a dispute between the troops on both sides that occurred at another time and at another location. And is that the last incident was not something specific, but part of a big problem.

Traditionally, relations between the two Asian giants have been complicated due to important territorial disputes on the border that separates them. Several sections of the dividing line are a source of debate and, sometimes, of direct confrontation, as has recently been the case.

On 9 May, conflicts between some Chinese and Indian soldiers occurred in the Indian border state of Sikkim, in the disputed territory.

In the video, you can see a heated discussion between the troops of both countries. The situation ends in a slight physical confrontation between some of the soldiers.

In another video, even more, a serious situation is seen with many soldiers involved in a fight. Indian soldiers try to shove members of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. They also ask them to leave.

These images have been shared on Twitter after the June 15 incident in the Indian state of Ladakh, in another location in India but still in conflict. In fact, Ladakh is part of Kashmir, one of the most relevant centres of international disputes in the world.

There, specifically in the border area with the Chinese region of Aksai Chin, the Galwan Valley, a strong conflict between the opposing powers resulted in 20 deceased Indian soldiers.

The latest tensions began to become evident in May when Beijing denounced that India had deployed troops in the border area of ​​Chinese territory to build defensive infrastructure. New Delhi denied this, claiming that China is building a road in Ladakh. Since then, dozens of soldiers from both countries have been wounded.

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