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Conspiracy Theories: Who attacked the Capitol

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Kuldeep Singh
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What is known about the QAnon conspiracy sect, whose supporters were the first to break into the Capitol on January 6.

The whole world knows what happened in the U.S. Capitol on January 6. The most active protesters were supporters of the popular conspiracy theory in the States, the QAnon.

QAnon followers believe Donald Trump is fighting a secret war. And you will be surprised – against whom.

Revyuh has collected information about the QAnon sect.

Satan and pedophiles

According to the QAnon theory, which emerged in 2017, America (and the world) is ruled by a group of elite believers in Satan and trade children. Trump and his loyal military group have been trying to defeat Satanists for 4 years. But Satanists are ready to go to any lengths to remove Trump – including replacing ballots in the elections.

However, the conspiracy theory is not limited to the story of pedophiles: Jewish bankers and journalists, owners of large technology companies, antifa, communists, etc. are mentioned as enemies on the forums.

According to the sources, the trip to the Capitol was discussed on forums and in friendly right-wing social networks for several weeks. In a broad sense, the protesters were based not only on QAnon admirers, but in general supporters of “direct democracy” – an anti-elite movement that believes that American democracy can only be protected from tyranny by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which allows citizens to own weapons and create “properly governed militia”, including for the fight against “tyranny”.

Now Trump has already announced that he will ensure an “orderly transfer of power,” his active supporters are either frustrated or trying to come up with new ways to keep their idol in power. So, many believe that Trump did not mean the transfer of power to Biden, but plans to somehow give it to his new administration (expelling the traitors). They say that Trump, together with the loyal military, flew to an airbase in Texas, from where he will continue to fight; make lists of these same traitor Republicans; citing Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s pamphlet “Live Not By Lies!”

Man in a helmet with horns

The famous man in a helmet with horns (32-year-old Jake Angelly Chansley), who marched in the front ranks of the attackers and then took the seat of the Senate Speaker, was known on the forums of supporters of the theory as QAnon Shaman.

The Daily Mail found out that Chansley is now unemployed, and in 2019 he was kicked out of his apartment due to rent arrears in the amount of $ 1,247. After that, the hero of the protest lives with his 56-year-old mother Martha. The man’s neighbors said that he can often be seen wandering the streets in the costume of a horned shaman, and sometimes he dances on the roof of his mother’s house.

Chansley’s mother declined to comment on her son’s actions, including repeated protests across Arizona during which he claimed Covid-19 was a hoax.

The Daily Mail reports that in September Chansley led a protest at the Arrowhead Mall in Glendale, where he talked about child rapists and claimed that the spiral sign next to the restrooms was actually “the FBI pedophile code.”

Chansley was also spotted amidst the rowdy crowd of Trump supporters chanting “Stop Theft,” who appeared at a data collection center in Maricopa County on November 5.

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