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Dozens of GOP House members storm Senate to protest mandatory masks

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On Thursday, a number of Republican Representatives protested the recently reintroduced mask rule in the US Capitol, which allows Capitol Police to arrest visitors and employees without masks or face coverings.

Before the march, Republican Congressman Chip Roy advocated closing the House to protest the new anti-coronavirus legislation.

The US Capitol Police were instructed on July 29 to arrest visitors and workers who are not wearing masks if they refuse to leave the building or put on a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, in accordance with recently restored pandemic guidelines in Washington, DC.

Congressman Roy said it succinctly on the House floor Wednesday: ‘We have a crisis at our border and we’re playing footsie with mask mandates in the people’s house'”

spokesperson for the Texas lawmaker told Fox News in an email.

According to the notice, MPs who break the rule can only be reported to the House sergeant-at-arms because they are immune from prosecution under the law.

Despite the measure’s vehement opposition, with some Republicans labelling it “tyrannical” and a “political manoeuvre” by Democrats, Republican members blasted US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, claiming she was behind it.

Earlier in May, some House Republicans failed to follow House rules regarding COVID-19. After numerous Republican legislators refused to follow CDC advice, Pelosi introduced mandatory mask wearing in July 2020. The rule was ultimately repealed by the CDC, but it stayed in effect in the Capitol, and House Democrats enforced fines for anybody who disobeyed the mask regime in January 2021.

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