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In Milwaukee, an unknown person opened fire on a funeral procession

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Manish Saini
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All victims were hospitalized, their condition is satisfactory. The police are now looking for the shooter.

An unknown criminal stopped the car and started shooting at the funeral procession, which was about a hundred people. This was reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The incident took place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. According to Milwaukee Police Chief Michael Brunson, three women and four men were injured in the attack.
“This is an untenable situation. This brazen act that was done in broad daylight is just unacceptable in our city”
All victims were hospitalized, their condition is satisfactory. The police are now looking for the shooter.

Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee calls this incident “insanity.”

“It’s the insanity of people solving their problems with guns. It’s just completely insane, and we’re seeing way too much of that in this community this year,” Barrett says at the scene.

The incident took place near a funeral home where people were bidding farewell to 26-year-old Braxton Taylor, who was shot dead on September 17. The police have not yet solved this crime.
“We’re doing marches for police reform and police violence,“ Tracey Dent, an organizer with Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate said. “Now is the time to start marching for community violence. Let’s go down to these neighborhoods and high crime areas and let them know we’re not taking this anymore.”
Earlier in the city of Salem, Oregon, the release of the hostages escalated into shooting, resulting in numerous casualties. In addition to an armed criminal who took hostages in one of the houses, bystanders were killed.
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