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This new crisis threatens the existence of the North Atlantic Alliance

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Kuldeep Singh
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The North Atlantic Alliance is about to die, writes the German portal Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. According to the media, the recent conflict between France and Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, as well as the US’s departure from NATO threaten the existence of the Alliance.

In June, an incident occurred between the French and Turkish frigates off the Libyan coast. France accused the Turkish military of aggressive behaviour in the Mediterranean, shown when the French attempted to inspect a cargo ship bound for Libya under the protection of the Turkish Navy. Turkey rejected the accusations, saying it was the French ship that carried out dangerous manoeuvres.

A shootout almost happened between NATO allies, the German media article comments. “This new crisis of the Alliance can become a harbinger of its collapse,” it warns.

According to the publication, in the absence of a leader, such as the US, the entire structure can break and collapse. Americans have long been showing their disinterest in preserving the Alliance. With Trump, this indifference has turned into “open hostility” and now, by threatening Germany with a withdrawal of troops, the politician clearly shows that he no longer cares about European security.

Without the United States as the leader, NATO allies have begun to “disperse”, the publication continues. The most striking example is Turkey. Even before the conflict with France, it bought the Russian S-400 air defense systems and ignored the United States’ protest.

But Turkey is not the only one to “defect,” the outlet said. France opposed its NATO partner and supported Marshal Khalifa Haftar in Libya.

French President Emmanuel Macron had diagnosed NATO as “dead brain” on several occasions.

The US will continue to distance itself from NATO even after the resignation of President Donald Trump, the media believes. If Europe does not perceive itself as a geopolitical power and does not assume responsibility for its own security, “it will lose control over its destiny,” as Macron said.

Last year, NATO celebrated its 70th anniversary. But with a split within the Alliance, there are serious doubts that it will reach its 75th birthday. “It is time for Europe to strengthen its capacity and its defense,” concludes the newspaper.

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