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New Security video footage makes shocking revelations of the Capitol attack!

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At Donald Trump’s impeachment trial on Wednesday, prosecutors released a chilling surveillance video showing a crowd of rioters storming into the U.S. Capitol, breaking windows and doors and threateningly looking for Vice President Mike Pence and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Democratic impeachment managers have centered on recordings of the incident, including previously unseen footage, in their indictment of Donald Trump for encouraging the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol in Washington DC.

The managers who are serving as prosecutors have shown clips to the senators. The senators are acting as judges in the trial.

Disturbing footage that made some shocking revelations on Wednesday showed the gravity of the attack on the Capitol, involving threats against some of the senators who were now seated in the chamber during the trial. Here are some of the chilling revelations that the displayed video clips have made!

Goodman saved Romney!

On Wednesday, the surveillance footage was played from inside the Capitol by the prosecutors. In the footage, the U.S. Capitol police officer Eugene Goodman was seen rushing towards Romney to make him alert of the rioters breaking into the Capitol. Goodman was seen warning Romney that the rioters were moving towards him shortly after a crowd of Donald Trump supporters burst into the building. Romney then turned around and ran to save himself.

Eugene Goodman who was now seen to have potentially rescued the life of Republican Senator Mitt Romney had also been considered a hero for his actions during the Capitol attack. Romney said that he had seen the footage of Goodman asking him to get himself safe for the first time and that he was looking forward to thanking him.

Footage also captured rioters yelling at the Capitol and forcing into it. While rushing through the hallways, some of the rioters were also seen pulling fire extinguishers from the walls. “Where are the votes counted?” they screamed. Goodman asked them to stop saying, “Don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

Goodman faced the rioters!

Goodman tried to stop the crowd at first. Then he retreated up the staircase, while they still chased him. He then directed them away from the doors of the Senate.  The vice president, Mike Pence, was with his family about 100 feet away. Congress also honored Godman for his brave actions and heroism.

Insurrectionists targeted Mike Pence!

In another footage, the rioters were seen targeting the former vice president who had refused to help Trump undermine the outcome of the 2020 elections. The rioters were seen chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” and “Bring out Pence!” as they strolled through the halls in search of the former vice-president and other representatives.

Rioters came as near to Pence as 100ft. Officer Eugene Goodman was attempting to direct the rioters away from where he was standing. The footage also showed Pence and his family being vacated from the Senate chamber. The rioters were already inside the Capitol by the time Pence was evacuated.

Mob hunted for Pelosi!

Stacey Plaskett, one of the impeachment managers showed footage wherein the rioters were seen calling out for Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker. “Naaaaancy. Oh, Naaaaancy,” the rioters were captured screaming mockingly.

Plaskett also played audio in which Pelosi staffer was asking for Capitol police assistance because the rioters were pounding on the doors of the speaker’s office. Immediately after the insurrectionists entered the Capitol, Pelosi was moved to a safe location.

Police pleaded for reinforcement!

One of the footage showed Trump’s supporters were seen putting the fences down and tussling with the police. The video was shown by the House Democrats and was paired with the audio that had recordings of officers making radio calls pleading for back up.

A police radio traffic was also played by the prosecutors, in which many wounded officers were identified by officers, said “they threw metal poles at us” and called for immediate backup. The Democrats then moved on to display videos in which the rioters were seen breaking the windows with a wooden beam to climb into the Capitol. One man who climbed into the building was wearing a shield and was holding a baseball bat. Several people were seen climbing through the windows. One of them was also seen carrying a confederate flag.

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