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The tension escalates: Trump asks for a strong hand and the help of the military

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Amit Kumar
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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, called for a strong hand against the protesters in Minneapolis, whom he called “the radical left”, and expressed to the state authorities his willingness to send the Army to appease the riots during the protests for the death of a black man by a Police officer.

“We have the Army prepared and ready. If they want to call the Army, we can have the troops on the ground very quickly,” he said.

The president described the protesters as anti-fascists and as being of the “radical left”, and considered that the Minnesota authorities should be “harsher, stronger because by being tough the memory of George Floyd is honoured.”

City governments like Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, in Texas; Cleveland, Cincinnati and Milwaukee, among others, are preparing to take care of security in the face of new protests.

Floyd’s death by a police officer, while he was detained, has triggered a wave of protests and riots against police brutality in this city and in other parts of the country, where the altercations have been played out.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz ordered the full mobilization of the state National Guard to deal with the situation in Minneapolis, where a nightly curfew was declared for two days on Friday that has failed to curb the altercations.

“Last night was a joke that this was about the death of George Floyd. It is going to attack civil society, instigate fear and disrupt our big cities,” said Walz, who explained that “the dynamic” has changed since Tuesday when the protests were peaceful.

Minnesota has 13,200 National Guard personnel, but not all are prepared for deployment, with the authorities mobilizing 2,500.

Pentagon Help

General John Jensen, who commands the National Guard in Minnesota, revealed that they have requested assistance from the Pentagon and that he has held talks in the last 24 hours with Defense Secretary Mark Esper. “We are looking at what resources we can have, whether they are intelligence or otherwise,” he said without giving more details.

The newspaper The New York Times, citing “officials”, said the Defense Department prepares the deployment in Minneapolis active units of the Military Police at the request of Trump.

If it occurs, it is possible that the first units to do so would be those of Fort Bragg, in North Carolina, and that of Fort Drum, in New York, indicated the sources consulted by the newspaper, who, however, clarified that the current order “preparing to deploy” does not mean that they will be activated for sure.

The National Guard has already been activated not only in Minnesota, but also in other parts of the US, as is usually done when there are riots, but the deployment of the Military Police would mean an escalation in the authorities’ response.

The New York Times recalled that the Military Police was employed in 1992 during the Los Angeles riots that followed the acquittal of four police officers who beat up African-American Rodney King.

Over 500 Detainees: Protests in Los Angeles

More than 500 people were detained in downtown Los Angeles amid protests over the death of African-American George Floyd. The revolts in this city turned violent and several wounded were registered.

In all, 553 were arrested for robbery, looting, parole violation, assault on a police officer, and attempted murder.

The historic mission of NASA and SpaceX

A Falcon 9 rocket from the aeronautical company SpaceX with a spacecraft carrying two NASA astronauts took off from Cape Canaveral on the first human space flight to the International Space Station (ISS) from US soil in nine years. The rocket took off from platform 39A of the Kennedy Space Center in the presence of the President of the United States, Donald Trump after the launch was cancelled last Wednesday due to bad weather conditions.

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