Trump again contradicts Fauci and bets on opening schools in the US

Trump again contradicts Fauci and bets on opening schools in the US

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has again contradicted the chief scientific officer in the fight against the coronavirus in the United States, Anthony Fauci, and has stated that he “absolutely” believes that the American schools should reopen.

“I absolutely believe that schools should be reopened,” Trump said. ” I do not consider that the country can return if the schools are closed … and I would firmly say that they should be opened,” he insisted while recalling that this decision must be made by the states, individually.

As for Fauci, on his assertions that schools should open cautiously and that, in some places, they should not reopen in the fall, the US president has asserted that “they are not an acceptable answer.”

In this context, he specified that older teachers “maybe should stay out a little bit longer.” As for the age ranges, he has clarified that the educational professionals who should not return to the classroom in person are those of 65 years, “perhaps if you want to be conservative, I would say 60”, as reported by the television network CNN.

We are reopening our country. People want it open. Schools are going to open,” said the US president.

Trump has maintained since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis his inclination not to stop the activity of the United States and, later, to reopen the country as soon as possible, in confrontation with what experts and governors have advocated.

The United States is the country hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with nearly 1.4 million confirmed cases and more than 84,000 dead.

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