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When could the third Covid-19 stimulus check of $1400 possibly arrive? – TimeTable

Here is the complete schedule of the third Covid $1400 stimulus check

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American taxpayers can expect the stimulus amount to be disbursed by the end of March or in the first week of April.

With the outpouring reports and daily developments relating to the stimulus check status, a lot of things are in the pipeline. While the continuous updates and speculations might have bogged you down, Revyuh has curated a set of possible dates on which Americans can expect to receive stimulus checks.

President Joe Biden had proposed a pandemic relief package worth $1.9 trillion. Out of this, the amount proposed for stimulus checks is worth $1,400 for eligible Americans. A part of Biden’s plan that holds $1,400, was voted for approval by the House Ways and Means Committee, and will now be sent to the House Budget Committee.

If the checks pass through Congress as scheduled on March 12, the stimulus bill will be signed into law on March 14. The foremost direct deposit check then, is expected to be released around March 24.

If everything goes as planned, the Economic Impact Payment (EIP) cards will be sent during the first week of April. If anyone intends to claim any discrepancy regarding the missing stimulus payments (if any) they can claim from May 3.

In the case of the minimum wage hike, the Republican factor, or the lack of support from the Republicans can pose an obstacle. Also, a few Democrats have expressed their disregard for whether the provision belongs in the pandemic relief package.

However, Biden strikingly stated in favor of his proposed plan and stimulus checks saying, “Now it’s time to go big “

Here is the complete schedule of the third Covid $1400 stimulus check

Stimulus check passes CongressFriday, March 12Monday, March 22
Stimulus bill signed into lawSunday, March 14Tuesday, March 23
First direct deposit check sentWeek of March 22Week of March 29
First paper checks sentWeek of March 29Week of April 5
First EIP cards sentWeek of April 5Week of April 12
Claims for missing stimulus money openMay 3May 3

Also, President Biden cleared the air in his speech at the CNN Town Hall while stating that he was decreasing the amount assigned for stimulus payments that were a part of his $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. “I’m committed to passing- — look, here’s — some of you are probably economists or college professors or you’re teaching in school.”

“There is consensus among economists, left, right and center, that overwhelming consensus is in order to grow the economy, we can’t spend too much,” Biden added.

Recently, ten Republican legislators had proposed to decrease the size of the COVID relief package by more than two-thirds. Although President Joe Biden outrightly rejected the proposal, there were reports of the President being ready to put the bill on the negotiating table to draw a ‘cross-party bill’ that is agreed upon by both the parties.

Earlier, Biden was also criticized for a considerable delay in the passage of Stimulus checks despite his word of dispatching the payments worth $2000 “immediately“.

The passing of stimulus checks also underwent a delay following a week-long break that Congress was on after the successful conclusion of Trump’s impeachment trial.

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