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A new finding could prove the existence of life on Venus

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Kamal Saini
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Another potential evidence that life exists on Venus has been discovered in Venus’ atmosphere. It is glycine, one of the amino acids that make up the proteins of living things.

A month after phosphine was discovered in the clouds of Venus, new research carried out led by a team of scientists found glycine in the atmosphere of this planet.

Glycine not only plays a key role in giving life, but it is also an element that is most often found in animal proteins and this could be a link to check for the existence of life on this planet.

“Its detection in Venus’ atmosphere could be one of the keys to understanding the mechanisms of formation of prebiotic molecules in Venus’ atmosphere. Venus’ upper atmosphere may be going through almost the same biological method as Earth billions of years ago,” the authors wrote.

While this discovery raises the suspicion that life exists on Venus, it is not yet a firm proof that can prove this theory.

On Earth, glycine is produced by biological processes, but on Venus, it is likely formed by other photochemical and geochemical reactions not common on Earth.

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