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Scientists discover the smallest reptile on the planet

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During a recent research trip in Madagascar, researchers photographed a reptile, whose adult male body length is only thirteen and a half millimeters smaller than the females.

Scientists from the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology (ZSM-SNSB) from Munich have found the smallest reptile on the planet on the island of Madagascar. They have discovered a new species of tiny chameleons, named Brookesia nana.

The body length of adult male chameleons is only 13.5 millimeters and on the other hand, the females are 19 millimetres.

The male turned out to be smaller than the female, but experts drew attention to the large size of his genitals relative to the body due to a phenomenon called ‘sexual size dimorphism’, the length of which is two and a half millimeters only.

Since in Madagascar, forests are actively being cut down for human needs, scientists have proposed assigning them the status of a species on the verge of complete extinction.

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