This video shows why singing is dangerous during the pandemic

This video shows why singing is dangerous during the pandemic
Image: Pixabay

During the restrictions imposed on singing concerts due to COVID-19, singers did not stop entertaining their listeners on social media. Today cultural life gradually returns to its normality and we can enjoy their song, but the risk of infection is still there and not only because of the multitude of people concentrated in one place.

Thus, a video, published on the YouTube channel of the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia), shows the extent of the droplets suspended in the air that are produced during singing, which are capable of spreading the virus.

In order to capture the droplets expelled from the singer’s mouth, the creators of the recording used LED light and a spherical lens that controlled the divergence of the light beam.

The results of the experiment, published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases, have shown that Chroal Singing has become an apparent risk of new outbreaks of COVID-19 since about 75% of the respiratory droplets released move away from the mouth and don’t settle for some time. This process, on the other hand, facilitates the spread of pathogens among a group of people standing.

Researchers also point out that a singer can produce a substantially higher number of respiratory droplets than talking. However, British scientists say the risk really comes down just by singing a little lower.