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China to defend Earth from ‘doomsday’ asteroids with kamikaze rockets

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Manish Saini
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They plan to create 23 giant rockets with kamikaze spacecraft, which will change the orbit of the asteroid and make it safe.

The Chinese authorities have announced the creation of a space fleet to ensure the elimination of the asteroid threat to Earth.

It is noted that on the basis of the heavy Chinese launch vehicles Changzheng-5, dozens of nuclear-free strike means of changing the orbits of asteroids will be created. 

Earlier, NASA presented the HAMMER (Hypervelocity Asteroid Mitigation Mission for Emergency Response) project, which states that it is possible to change the orbit of dangerous asteroids without nuclear weapons, but with many rockets, the kinetic energy of which will change the trajectory of asteroids. 

But the nuclear detonation of an asteroid will only aggravate the situation of earthlings.

Based on this, China argues that the project of nuclear-free correction of the orbit of asteroids can be completed within the next 10 years.

“[It is] possible to defend against large asteroids with a nuclear-free technique within 10 years,” said Researcher Li Mingtao and his colleagues from the National Space Science Centre in Beijing in a June paper published in Icarus, an international journal for solar system studies.

This can change the path of a Bennu-sized asteroid slightly, but enough to make it pass safely at a distance about 1.4 times the radius of the Earth and save some cities from annihilation, according to researcher Li Mingtao’s calculations.

The plan is to create 23 rockets with space kamikazes. Such a fleet will be able to change the orbit of the asteroid.

At the same time, Chinese developers claim that it will need half as much shock mass as those in the U.S. 

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