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A clever mechanism is able to push a partner back onto his side of the bed

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Lane-Keeping Bed, a smart mechanism is able to push the partner back to his corner of the bed. The smart bed was developed by Ford.

The American automobile company Ford has created the concept of the Lane-Keeping Bed, which will help partners avoid the problem of “grabbing” someone else’s half of the bed. The video is available on the official Ford Europe YouTube channel.

The video shows how the mechanism determines the movement of the body on the bed. If someone “encroaches” on someone else’s part of the bed, the mattress moves in the opposite direction.

At the heart of the mechanism is the company’s technology, which allows the car to track road markings. Special pressure sensors determine the position of the bodies on the bed, placing the mattress so that both partners have the same amount of space.

Independent expert and author of How to Sleep Well, Neil Stanley noted that this is a very important point and he saw it destroying the relationship.

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