This Mercedes could dethrone the Tesla Model S

This Mercedes could dethrone the Tesla Model S

Until now, the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus was the longest-range electric car in the world, but the new Mercedes EQS could dethrone it.

As Daimler’s CEO Ola Kallenius stated during a meeting, the new vehicle has been designed from scratch and is not an electric version of an existing car. He also stressed that, like its prototype, presented in 2019, the series version will also have a range of 700 kilometres.

This achievement will be possible, in part, thanks to Daimler’s in-house batteries, which provide excellent performance.

Thus, it should be noted that the scope mentioned by Kallenius is based on the WLTP testing procedure, which is much more realistic than the NEDC that was used until September 2018. At the same time, the EPA procedure usually gives lower figures and is precisely in this procedure where the Tesla Model S Long Range Plus showed its benefits.

Therefore, it remains to be seen if the statements of the Mercedes executives will be according to reality and the new EQS will really have a range comparable to or even greater than that of the Tesla.

At the same time, Mercedes is not the only company with plans to dethrone Tesla at the peak of electric cars. Thus, BMW has already confirmed that it will launch a fully electric version of its 7 Series, while Jaguar announced the development of a new XJ that will generate zero emissions and Audi could launch its new A9 E-Tron in 2024.