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Taycan, the first electric Porsche is reality

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This is the first electric car developed by Porsche, but its value goes beyond the mere electric vocation of the engine: the novelty lies in the fact that Porsche wanted to bring the electric on a real Porsche, on a traditional design, on a type of car that users already know and appreciate. The electric is not confined to a vehicle with futuristic lines and improbable design, but it is thrown aboard a Porsche without compromise. It is called Taycan and represents, despite being clearly a luxury car, as a very important step in the path of growth of electric mobility.

Thanks to its futuristic overall concept, the Taycan is already launched towards the future, without however betraying the values ​​that have always expressed the essence of any Porsche: pure emotions and maximum driving pleasure.

Porsche Taycan, no compromise

Two models are available: Turbo and Turbo S. The first develops an acceleration of 3.2 seconds to reach 100km / h, while the second reduces the time to 2.8 seconds. Consumption is in both cases between 26 and 27 kWh per 100 km. The declared autonomy is equal to 430-500 km on urban routes and 380-450 km on mixed sections, reaching 370 km on long distances: large quantities for the car market, avoiding the pilot having to choose a traditional car due to too limited autonomy. Power and responsiveness, in short, but with a fixed point: the sustainability of electric mobility, the central pivot to which the entire project was structured.

This did not want Porsche: a vehicle made of compromises. Taycan represents instead a conscious choice of development, with a cost and a series of qualities that distinguish what is an innovative project in every way. 260km / h top speed, 366 liters of luggage capacity (plus additional 81 in front luggage), various color solutions available. There is little to add to the design: it is a Porsche.

The official site of Porsche is already updated with all the details and with the possibility of configuring and dreaming of its own Taycan. Interesting solutions chosen for the interior, where the elegance of the lines is accompanied by the modernity of displays set in almost all the space reserved for the dashboard. Every control, including the musical one in collaboration with Apple Music, is therefore accessible via touchscreen surfaces.

The Porsche Taycan has prices starting at € 156,817. Not for every budget, of course, but not even for all vocations: the Taycan is a Porsche and is an electric car at the same time, two style choices that are combined in a unique and valuable model. Which inevitably has its cost.

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