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Xpeng P7, the first Chinese electric car that integrates facial recognition

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Kamal Saini
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With so much electric car start-up in China, it is becoming difficult for the media and the market to look at one. Thus, Xpeng will provide its new Xpeng P7 electric car with an integrated mini App from Alibaba, that is, AliExpress.

It will also be the first car to incorporate a digital key for facial authentication that complies with the Internet Finance Authentication Alliance (IFAA) protocols created by China for secure transactions. The launch of this new electric car is scheduled for 2020 in China.

The integration of the Alibaba App will allow its driver access to the entire Alibaba service ecosystem, which includes the famous AliExpress online store. This app will initially focus on driver-oriented functions.

These will be linked to the location, navigation, traffic conditions, the travel assistant or the monitoring of the driver’s condition and will gradually be extended to a series of other mobility, lifestyle and information and entertainment functions.

According to Xpeng, the system has an Artificial Intelligence with which not only the driver can interact by voice, but also by sight. And it is that the system permanently monitors user behavior, to select and promote services that fit the preferences of each driver.

Xpeng Motors has worked with Ant Financial and two other IFAA companies to draft the new standards that establish the framework, procedures and benchmarks to implement and update security measures for the digital car key, an element considered critical Connected cars That is, Xpeng is a founding partner of the Chinese security standard.

The presence of the IFAA opens the door to the need in the future for manufacturers who wish to sell connected cars or autonomous cars in China to also have to comply with IFAA standards. Xpeng has in that sense an advantage over its future rivals by having contributed to design that system.

Facial and fingerprint recognition

The access key to the car and its connected functions are based on the systems already used in bank apps, such as facial recognition and fingerprints. It is the first time that this type of technology would be implemented in a connected car.

Thus, to access the Xpeng P7 your driver will not need a key, no RFID card to Tesla or mobile. The car will be unlocked by facial and fingerprint recognition. This will also allow you to start the car remotely and use the summon function to Tesla. The mark also indicates that “you can make a secure and shared use of virtual keys for family members via Bluetooth”.

For the rest, few data of the Xpeng P7 are still known. The brand considers it a 4-door coupe and not a saloon. Ensures that it has a level 3 autonomous driving, when the most advanced systems currently on the market (Tesla Autopilt, Mercedes-Benz Drive Pilot and Cadillac Cruise) are level 2.

As for the kinematic chain, Xpenga has not talked about the capacity of the battery or the type of battery used. It is only known that it will have two engines (one per axle) and that the brand provides an autonomy of more than 600 km, according to the outdated NEDC cycle.

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