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Android Q has an official name and is not a dessert!

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Kamal Saini
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Google changes the logo to Android and gives an official name to Android Q: maybe you will like the new logo, but the name is really not.

Without making much fanfare, Google has changed the logo of Android and given an official name to the tenth version of the operating system of the green robot. Two very important innovations, which arrive simultaneously.

Android Q is called

Android Q is called Android 10. We don’t hear you clap and cheer and we believe it’s normal. After years in which the letter of the new OS was not only the initial of its name, but also that of a dessert, reading that the new edition of the operating system is simply called “10” somewhat dampens the enthusiasm.

But Google has a valid reason that justifies the choice of this name and is to be found in the need to make it understandable to all users of the world, whatever their language. In his post Big G explains that giving the name of a dessert to the operating system had become a tradition, even a lot of fun. Unfortunately however – after receiving a series of negative feedback – the team soon realized that it was not possible to continue choosing the name in this way. In fact, in some areas of the world letters of the alphabet and pronunciation of words are profoundly different from American ones, the only system uniformly understood practically everywhere is that of numbers.

So Android Q is called Android 10, the next edition will be 11 and so on: the change is final. We are a little sorry, but the motivations of Big G are more than convincing.

Android changes logo

In the same post in which the name of Android Q is revealed, Google also says that it has changed the Android logo a bit, it hasn’t happened since 2014. According to Big G, the new design has a more modern appeal and – above all – offers a place of honor to the green robot, which has always been a symbol of the OS, but never officially included in the logo.

The rest of the changes are not so traumatic, the Mountain View giant simply changed the color of the writing, turning it from green to black. We really like it, the famous robot finally has the place and the visibility it deserves!

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