Google Chrome Finally Gains Much Awaited Dark Mode

Google Chrome Finally Gains Much Awaited Dark Mode
Google Chrome Finally Gains Much Awaited Dark Mode

Much awaited by all users, Google Chrome finally won the dark mode. The novelty was added to the browser in its version 74, released on Tuesday (23) for Windows, Linux and macOS.

The feature, which was in beta, was made available to all users through the update and, as its name suggests, changes the browser’s color scheme. While in macOS mode can be activated manually, in Windows it respects the operating system settings and can only be enabled if the user selects the “Dark” item within the “Choose the default application mode” topic in the system.

As the new theme is identical to the theme “Incognito”, private browsing mode gets a text stamp next to the profile icon to differentiate itself. The transition between themes is perfect and is updated immediately.

In addition to the dark mode, another interesting addition is that the browser now has accessibility options that reduce transition, scrolling, and zoom animations so that users who are prone to nausea do not have to go through bad snacks. It is worth noting that the reduction of animations are beneficial also for those who value performance, since their absence allows an even more fluid navigation by not having any visual effect.

For those who felt a certain discomfort with the pop-ups that appeared when trying to close a page, Chrome 74 also has a feature to block these windows, preventing the use of an API called, which serves exactly to launch these windows irritating.

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