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Google prohibits its employees from using Zoom due to cybersecurity problems

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Kamal Saini
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The US Senate has also asked its members to avoid using the platform.

With the obligation to stay at home and teleworking imposed on a large part of the planet, the success of the Zoom video conferencing platform rose like foam during the month of March. According to analytics firm Bernstein Research, it has added 2.2 million monthly active users since the start of 2020, the vast majority in recent weeks. In all of 2019, the company had achieved 1.9 million.

But the possible security breaches that the application could suffer has made Zoom a threat to some companies and institutions.

Google has launched an internal campaign to, according to BuzzFeed News, ban its employees from using popular video conferencing software on their laptops. According to the newspaper, the search engine giant would have sent an email to the workers on whose laptops Zoom was installed, referring to their “security vulnerabilities” and warning that the program would stop working.

As reported by the Financial Times today, the US Senate has asked its members not to use Zoom’s video conferencing application due to concerns about possible security problems, and senators were asked to find an alternative platform for remote work.

Also, Taiwan and Germany have already imposed restrictions on the use of Zoom, while Elon Musk’s SpaceX has banned the app due to security concerns.

Zoom went public last year and the platform had peaked on March 23, with a capitalization of more than $ 44 billion on Nasdaq. But accusations about its security have caused Zoom to start a rally to the downside, managing to drop to 28.7% on April 7.

First, the company was accused of sharing data with Facebook from iPhone and iPad users, including people who were not using Facebook. Zoom stopped sharing this information, but a few days later, a former NSA hacker discovered that Zoom’s calls were not encrypted as the company claimed, so cybercriminals could be allowed to access users’ microphones and webcams and get control of Apple iMacs.

In addition, a recent investigation stated that Zoom has routed some data circuits through China-based servers, in addition to massively using technical personnel at headquarters in China, which is why Taiwan banned the use of the platform.

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