How Huawei will get around the US sanctions and get Google updates?

How Huawei will get around the US sanctions and get Google updates?
© CC BY 2.0 / Karlis Dambrans / Huawei

After the expiration of the temporary license of cooperation with Google, Huawei will continue to receive security updates for the operating system of its phones and for the applications of Google Play independently, despite the US sanctions.

Owners of smartphones from Huawei and its subsidiary brand Honor, whether or not they have Google Play pre-installed, will be able to download and update their applications without a problem. In addition, they will be able to receive security updates for Android, reported Huawei’s technical support service.

According to the experts, those devices that do not have Google Play may also receive applications from Huawei’s own store, AppGallery.

“There will be no problems with the use of the devices, Huawei has been cooperating with Google for many years in terms of developing an ecosystem of applications for Android devices, and we still intend to actively support this ecosystem,” Huawei specialists assured.

According to experts, Huawei will be able to take updates from Google’s website where they are published for free and without restrictions, with the only difference that they will arrive with a delay of one or two days.

Experts added that low-priced smartphone makers that work with Chinese factories, but don’t cooperate with Google, use the same scheme if they need system updates.

“The updates do not affect the price of the device, but they do affect its security because, every month, the developer of the operating system finds weaknesses that must be corrected,” experts said, recalling that in case of errors and critical vulnerabilities, updates are installed by the provider without the consent of the user.