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The Office Build 12410.20000 arrives with these new features

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Manish Saini
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Microsoft has released a new version of Office for those who are part of the Insider Program; the one in charge of adding improvements and new functions is the compilation that takes the number 12410.20000, a Build focused mainly on improving the correction of the system.

Some new features are coming to Outlook and for example, it’s now easier to share conversations with members of a group by dragging messages. This is the changelog that Microsoft has marked on the support page.

Microsoft Outlook

  • It is easier to share emails with a group: conversations can be moved and copied by dragging them from the inbox to share them with all group members.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the email to be sent to the wrong address of the recipient.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Outlook to incorrectly allow users with “read” access to a mailbox, change the read or unread status of a message.
  • The revocation of the security certificate on the website is not reproducible by the Product Support. The record should be added to help the root of the problem.
  • Fixed an issue that caused users to see failures during synchronization.

Microsoft Access

  • The bug that caused the execution of a union query that references linked ODBC tables and contains an Order By clause blocks 64-bit access is fixed.
  • The sum of union query data in Access (O365) can cause the truncation of decimal data has been corrected
  • The COM interfaces for ACE are not exposed for use outside of Office applications. Has been corrected

 Microsoft Excel

  • Fixed the bug that caused the insertion of a 3D model (animated or static) and trying to “Save as Image” did not work.
  • The shortcut key (Alt + Ctrl + 7/8) to start comments from the backstage is in conflict with the AZERTY keyboards (Alt-Gr + 7/8), which can cause users to not use some characters such as: “. Fixed

Microsoft PowerPoint

  • Fixed the bug that caused that when inserting a 3D model (animated or static) and trying “Save as Image” does not work.


  • Homework is not calculated in the summary for manually scheduled secondary tasks.
  • The VBA project code invoked from a button on the ribbon may not work when trying to save server-based projects.
  • Fixed the bug that caused that when Project is already running, opening Project files from a SharePoint document library shows an error and the file did not open.

Microsoft Word

  • Fixed a bug that caused “Save” existing files to not work.
  • Using the arrow keys in the spelling and grammar editor window may cause intermittent blinking.
  • When resolving a follow-up, the associated comments may not become specific comments.
  • Fixed the bug that caused that when inserting a 3D model (animated or static) and trying “Save as Image” does not work.


  • Fixed an issue in which Office update messages appeared in a different language than expected. From now on, Office update messages will correctly match the Windows display language.

If you belong to the Insider Program and want to have access to the latest from the latest Build released by Microsoft, you only have to access from the Office the path “File> Account> Update options> Update now”.

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