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Spotify knows you more than you think: it will suggest songs according to your mood

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Manish Saini
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The music playback app already offered personalized recommendations to the user based on their tastes. Now, its technology has gone a step further and will allow you to analyze your voice and suggest songs based on your “emotional state, gender, age or accent”.

Music can sometimes help improve a certain emotional state. How many times have you heard a song that reminds you of your ex to get over a breakup? Or, on the contrary, have you played the song that reminds you of that summer that you enjoyed so much? Probably more than once you have had the occasional tear or smile when listening to a musical theme.

Spotify is aware of this and therefore has patented a technology that would allow the application to collect user data such as voice to recommend songs in a personalized way to users. As confirmed by the music industry specialized media Music Business Worldwide (MBW), the patent application was filed in 2018 but it was not until mid-January it was granted. 

In the document published by the medium itself under the title Methods and systems to personalize the user experience based on personality traits, it is explained that Spotify, “as part of the service they provide and to help users have a better experience positively, providers track and process user data in an attempt to understand their preferences, and ultimately provide relevant personalized content.”

In 2019, Spotify reported that they were already working on a questionnaire that could help determine mood. However, the new patent could help the user avoid answering numerous questions to have a more personalized music list.

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