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Windows 10 20H1, build 18965 for Insiders: app and reboot

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Released build 18965 of version 20H1 of Windows 10, intended for Insiders: news for the automatic start of the app after a reboot.

The Insiders in the Fast Ring receive build 18965 of the 20H1 version of Windows 10 today. A preview release of what will be the next major update of the operating system, arriving not before spring 2020. As always, the distribution is accompanied by a post on the official blog in which Microsoft illustrates the innovations introduced: we see in this article the most interesting. Or rather, the most interesting.

Windows 10 20H1: the new features of build 18965

It concerns the automatic opening of the software running after a PC restart. To date Windows 10  is able to open by itself the apps included in a special list (“Settings”, “App”, “Start”), but not to recover those that were running before logout or shutdown. The Redmond group intends to remedy, filling the gap and going to add an option for this purpose in “Settings”, “Account”, “Access Options”.

Feature of this type, it must be said, have already been present for some time in macOS and in several Linux distributions. Other changes introduced by the build concern the center for sending feedback, the search among the reports made by users and little else.

As always, it is good to specify that the preview versions of the software, in this case of Windows 10, are not bug-free and that it is therefore not advisable to install them on a PC on which to rely daily for work or study.

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