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Windows 10 20H1, build 18950 and Cloud Download

With the release of a new build for Windows 10 20H1, Microsoft anticipates the arrival of a new feature called Cloud Download.

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Time for a new release for the preview versions of the coming Windows 10. Today Microsoft has started the distribution of build 18950 for the 20H1 edition, the major update for all users’ PCs, but not before spring 2020. The update is available for Insiders in the Fast Ring.

Windows 10 20H1, build 18950: the news

Besides the inevitable list of bugfixes, in the changelog there are some noteworthy news. The first one concerns the screenshots created by the Capture Tool: an option has been added which, if activated, opens the images captured in different windows. Again, you can quickly zoom in with the “Ctrl +”, “Ctrl -” key combinations or by holding down Ctrl and using the mouse wheel.

There is also an improvement in the input management in Japanese. The most interesting news among those mentioned in the shared post on the official blog is however another: a feature that the Redmond group calls Cloud Download, developed with the aim of making it easier to reset or restore the operating system. For the methods used, it brings to mind the MacOS Recovery from Apple, allowing you to download the package from a remote server in case the computer was not started successfully.

It is good to specify that the feature is currently not yet accessible, but Microsoft has announced that it has started a test phase with the intention of making it available soon within Windows 10. Something similar has recently been implemented on the Surface line PCs. It will probably be integrated into the Windows 10 Lite and Windows Core OS operating systems.

Finally, remember that before the coming 20H1 19H2, scheduled for September. According to initial information, it will not be a major update, but something more like a service pack without great news in terms of new features or interface.

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