A free, cross-platform and open source markdown text editor for programmers

Boostnote - A Powerful, Free, Multiplatform and open source Markdown Text Editor for Programmers

Many of us prefer alternative markdown text editors for the content we write, not everyone needs complex processors like Word, and there is a whole group of people who write and take notes using the MarkDown language, such as many developers and programmers.

For us and for them, this excellent application called Boostnote has been created, an open source project designed as an intuitive notes tool especially for programmers, but which other groups of people can also take advantage of.

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Markdown text editor for Windows, Linux and macOS

Boostnote is completely free, and it will be forever, at least that says a pretty big message on its official website. The app is cross platform and you can install it on Windows, Linux, macOS.

Its interface is clean and minimalist, but it also has multiple customization options, not only can you activate and deactivate panels, but you can apply themes to the editor, to the interface and program the keyboard shortcuts as you see fit.

Writing in Markdown is wonderful, because it has a live preview panel where you can see how rich text you are writing looks.

You can organize your notes using tags, you can save favorite notes, you can create folders with different colors, and you have an integrated search engine.

The editor has a line counter, adjustable zoom, full screen mode, a document information panel with number of letters and words, creation date and last modification, and more details.

Boostone supports the .md, .txt, .html, and .pdf formats. From the settings you can change multiple options, choose from more than a dozen different themes, change keyboard shortcuts, and a lot of other things.

If you are looking for a powerful, free, cross-platform and open source editor, this is undoubtedly an excellent option. If you are interested in contributing to the project, you can join the wide community that have amassed in GitHub where the source code is available.


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