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Guido blames social media in part for his decision to abandon the supervision of Python

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Aakash Molpariya
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Almost a year ago that Guido van Rosuum, creator and former “Benevolent Dictator for Life” of Python, decided to abandon the supervision of the development of Python alleging that he was tired of hatred and no longer wanted to fight again with people who detested his decisions.

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More recently, van Rossum spoke with the people of the TFiR podcast about the origins of the programming language and the reasons why he decided to leave the reins of the project that he created, and the hints that some developers launched on social networks were a important factor for him to make that decision.

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Guido feels that social networks are getting out of hand, but for him, personally, social networks definitely caused him additional stress:

I did not enjoy at all when the central developers were sending me hints on Twitter questioning my authority and the wisdom of my decisions, instead of telling me in my face and having an honest debate about things.

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The programmer had supervised the development of Python for almost 30 years, and in all that time, as he explains, he had been the one making the final decisions, the referee. At this point of his life he wants to spend less time feeling stressed by what the community is and without having to feel affected by everything that happened around Python.

They have not yet decided exactly how Python will be governed

At the end of 2018 the community of developers who were in charge of Python began to consider a new model of governance for Python, one “designed to be boring”, and that at least initially, would have a committee of five people with the authority to do that was previously the sole responsibility of Guido.

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In his interview during the podcast, van Rossum emphasized that he is still one of the core developers of Python and explained that they have not yet decided exactly what kind of governance model they will use.

He says that they have about five or six proposals on the table, soon there will be two votes to decide on one of them, and then to choose the people who will form the leadership.

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Basically: they will vote to elect a “constitution” and then, using the rules established in that constitution, they will vote for the leaders. Python is one of the most popular, important and versatile programming languages of today, and the direction of the project is undoubtedly relevant even beyond the development community.

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