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New iPhone update will recognize your face while the mask is on!

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The upcoming iOS update version 14.5 will let you unlock your phone using the Face ID even while you are wearing a mask.

The new iOS 14.5 update brings in a new set of interesting features that will enable the users to unlock their phones using the face recognition feature even while wearing their masks.

Well, how does it work? We will tell you.

The Apple Watch on your wrist needs to be both – on your wrist and unlocked. The watch will identify your phone as you try to unlock the phone using the Face ID. The mask that ends up covering most of your face will not hinder the unlocking of your phone anymore. Once identified and unlocked successfully, your watch will vibrate confirming the same. 

The ability of Siri to make emergency calls on command and the further strengthening of privacy features on your device comprise the latest update. Apple is working towards enhancing the privacy of your device so you aren’t tracked without you granting the permission.  

The latest features have rolled into the beta version from February 1, while the actual update is expected to come in the coming weeks. If you want to get your hands on the beta version, here’s a small guide:

  • Register on the Apple Beta Page using your Apple ID.
  • Log in to the Beta Software Program to sign up for your device.
  • Download the configuration profile and install the same. 
  • You can then avail of the beta version in the ‘Software Update’ option under your phone Settings.

The beta version however does not ensure the smooth functioning of all the features since the features remain under testing until rolled out for all the users.  

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