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CR7 did it again: his jump defies gravity in a match and is viral

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In addition to his goals, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is famous for his enviable jumping ability. An analysis of a jump by the Juventus star during a Serie A match shows that he is able to rise even above a goalkeeper with his arms stretched out.

With the goal, converted after 90 minutes of the game Juventus vs Sassuolo, the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo reached 759 goals in his entire career, a figure that has placed him as the highest scorer of all time, surpassing the 758 attributed to the Austrian Josef Bican.

Whether he is the top scorer in history or on his way to becoming one, there is no doubt that the Juventus striker left his name branded in world football history. And not only because of his goals but also because of his ability for football, based on both his talent and a physical condition that, even at 35, is admirable.

One example of this is Ronaldo’s ability to jump and, almost as if suspended in the air, connect the ball with his head before his teammates’ passes. In the match with Sassuolo – which ended with a 3-1 victory for Ronaldo’s team – the Portuguese once again showed what he is capable of doing when his feet take off from the grass.

They were running just 7 minutes into the game when, after a rebound, Argentine Paulo Dybala managed to place a powerful cross into the Sassuolo area. Goalkeeper Andrea Consigli was attentive and came out with his fists raised to try to reject the ball but did not expect that he had Cristiano Ronaldo in front him, who managed to connect the ball.

Although the play did not end in a goal, it remained on the retina of fans and sports journalists. It is that Ronaldo could, in an instant, rise above the goalkeeper Consigli himself, who came out with his hands up to reject the ball.

The Brazilian sports portal Globo Esporte was not left alone admiring and tried to estimate how much the Portuguese star actually jumped. To begin the analysis, it must be taken into account that Consigli measures 1.89 meters and Ronaldo 1.87 and even so, the goalkeeper being able to use his arms, the Portuguese won the pulse.

In order to estimate the distances, the analysts took a photograph and, knowing that the ball has a diameter of 22 centimeters, they calculated the rest.

Thus they concluded that, with his jump, the number 7 of Juventus reached a maximum height of 2.57 meters. For that, it had to detach itself from the ground about 66 centimeters, approximately.

This isn’t the first time Ronaldo has dazzled with one of his jumps. In December 2019, during a match against Sampodria for The Italian Serie A, he scored head-to-head after rising 2.56 metres.

Of course, the Portuguese had also made spectacular jumps at both Manchester United and Real Madrid. Faced with each of these feats, the international media once again replicate the explanations given in 2014 by the Spanish doctor José González, an expert in this type of training.

“Jumping can be trained and Cristiano does it with strength, flexibility and plyometric exercises (which combine jumps to strengthen muscles), which are explosive work in a short space of time to increase power, speed and aerodynamic coordination” explained the physician at the time.

For those who wondered how to imitate Ronaldo, the doctor warned that the footballer has undoubted “genetics.”

One of the secrets to strictly comply with this training is that Ronaldo does two hours a day in the pool, something that differentiates him from the routine of other footballers and that, apparently, meets his goals.

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