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Oklahoma City Thunder defeats Atlanta Hawks 118-109

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Darius Bazley and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored the main points for Oklahoma City Thunder

Oklahoma City Thunder beat Atlanta Hawks 118-109 at home on a new NBA day. On the previous day, the Oklahoma City Thunder players won at home against the San Antonio Spurs by 102-99 and after this game, they add a total of four victories in the last five games, while the Atlanta Hawks also defeated Boston at home. Celtics by 127-112. At the moment Oklahoma City Thunder would be left out of the Play-off positions with 14 games won out of 33 played. For its part, Atlanta Hawks would also be left out of the Play-offs with 14 games won out of 33 played.

The first quarter had the Atlanta Hawks players as protagonists, they came to win by nine points (10-19) and ended with a 31-33. Later, during the second quarter there were several movements on the scoreboard until it ended with a partial result of 32-22. After this, the rivals accumulated a total of 63-55 points before the break.

During the third quarter the Oklahoma City Thunder players distanced themselves on the scoreboard, in fact, they achieved a 14-2 partial in this quarter and had a maximum difference of 17 points (93-76) until concluding with a partial result 33-25 and a 96-80 overall result. Finally, during the last quarter, the visiting team reduced distances, although not enough to be able to win the match and the quarter ended with a partial result of 22-29, thus ending the match with a final result of 118-109 in favor. from Oklahoma City Thunder.

During the game, Darius Bazley and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander stood out for their contributions to the team, after getting 18 points, one assist, and 12 rebounds and 24 points, four assists, and five rebounds respectively. On the other hand, Clint Capela and John Collins stood out in the visiting team, with 17 points, and 21 rebounds and 25 points, and eight rebounds respectively.

After taking the victory, in the next duel, Oklahoma City Thunder will face the Denver Nuggets at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. For its part, Atlanta Hawks will face the Miami Heat at the American Airlines Arena.

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