Beijing promised to improve Hong Kong’s governance system

Beijing promised to improve Hong Kong management system
Image from Pixabay

The Communist Party and the Chinese government will improve the management system of Hong Kong’s special administrative region, the head of the legislative committee of the Standing Committee of the China National People’s Congress Shen Chunyao promised following the plenary session of the CPC Central Committee.

On behalf of the party, he promised to uphold the national sovereignty, prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macau and not allow any changes in the fundamental formula of “one country, two systems.”

He confirmed that the question of the situation in Hong Kong was substantively discussed at the party forum.

The official added that China will not tolerate attempts to split, threats to national security and “resolutely hinder the intervention and deterrence of external forces in the affairs of Hong Kong and Macau, the implementation of separatist, subversive, infiltration or destructive activities.”

The plenum’s final statement states that the formula of “one country, two systems” is important for the peaceful reunification of the fatherland. The Central Committee decided to establish a “sound legislative system and enforcement mechanisms to protect national security in special administrative regions.”

Mention of the need for legislative and enforcement changes appeared in the party materials, when the fifth month of mass protests is taking place in Hong Kong. Stocks led to a political crisis and a recession in the region’s economy.