Helping US track down al-Baghdadi informant will receive up to $ 25 million

Helping US track down al-Baghdadi informant will receive up to $ 25 million
Image by Alex S. from Pixabay

An informant who helped the Americans track down the leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakra al-Baghdadi will receive a reward of up to $ 25 million. According to officials, it is expected that the informant will receive part or all of the $ 25 million American remunerations that was to be provided for al-Baghdadi’s head.

Citizenship, as well as the name of the informant, is not disclosed. However, one of our sources reveals that it was a Sunni Arab who “went against ISIS because the group killed one of his relatives.”

During the military operation to eliminate al-Baghdadi in Idlib, the informant was directly at the venue. Two days later, he and his family members were taken out of the region.

US officials noted that the data provided by the informant played a key role during the operation.

According to The Washington Post, this man was originally a “valuable agent” of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDS) and then began to work for the US military. SDS is a paramilitary group consisting mainly of Kurds. He collaborated with the United States and took an active part in the fight against IS in Syria.

The informant not only provided accurate data regarding the location of al-Baghdadi but also described in detail the location of the premises of the complex on the Turkish border, in which the leader of the terrorists was hiding.

On Sunday, US President Donald Trump announced the elimination of al-Baghdadi during an American special operation in Syria. The Pentagon said that Washington is watching who will lead this terrorist group after the death of al-Baghdadi, and will direct efforts to destroy these militants.

The American leader also said that it was grateful to the Russian Federation, Syria, Turkey, Iraq for their help in preparing for the special operation to eliminate the leader of the Islamic State. On Sunday, Trump also thanked the Syrian Kurds for their role in the operation. In a live address to the nation from the White House, he noted that the Kurds did not play a military role in the “dangerous and daring” raid, but provided “some information that turned out to be useful.”