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Two fishermen rescued a naked man trapped in a crocodile mangrove, but the surprise came later: he was a fugitive criminal

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They found him clinging to some branches and had scratches all over his body near Darwin, in Australia

In an unusual event, two people found a naked man trapped in a crocodile-infested mangrove at East Point, near the Australian city of Darwin, on Sunday.

Kev Joiner and Cam Faust were the ones who found the man while they were touring the mangrove by boat, setting crab traps. Suddenly they heard the cry of a person asking for help and when they approached to see what was happening they came across a curious scene.

He was a naked man, clinging to the branches of the mangroves trying not to fall into the water. The man asked them for water and said he had been there for four days, for snails.

The news was reported by the Australian television network 9News, where it was claimed that the man was 40 years old and had allegedly escaped after breaking bail for armed robbery.

According to Faust, the man told them that he had left a concert on New Year’s Eve and ended up there trapped in the mangrove.

We didn’t believe him at first, ” Faust told the BBC.

“Then we realised he was in a bad way and done himself a mischief and were like oh, we better help him.”

“We thought he had a great night,” Faust told the BBC.

The fishermen took pity on the man, allowed him to board their boat, and Mr. Faust offered him his shorts to cover his private parts.

“He had scratches all over him, he was completely covered in mosquito bites, mud all over his face and his chest,” Joiner told 9News. “I was suffering a lot.”

They both agreed that the man was very lucky that they found him, as the East Point mangroves can be very dangerous, especially because of the crocodiles that inhabit the swamps around Darwin, in the northern territory of Australia.

In addition, while they were taking him to shore, the fishermen shared a beer with the man and called an ambulance to treat his injuries.

The health services met them at the boat ramp and took the man to the hospital.

The surprise came later when police confirmed that the man was a fugitive who had escaped from police custody four days earlier.

The reason for his arrest points him as one of the suspects in the explosion at the Royal Darwin Hospital in September last year.

“He’s in hospital with handcuffs on with two cops babysitting him,” Faust said.

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