Twitterrific 6 is now available: self-reproduction of videos, integration with GIPHY and more

Twitterrific 6 is now available: self-reproduction of videos, integration with GIPHY and more

Twitterrific, a classic among Twitter users on iOS, comes to the App Store to version 6. A major update that according to its developers contains more than 50 new features and improvements. The client for Twitter can be downloaded for free from the Apple store.

The truth is that we had a few years without a major update of Twitterrific. With Twitterrific 6 the changes are remarkable, although keeping the air distinct from the app and its main features. Some of the changes are the following:

  • Self-production of videos: Both videos and GIFs are now automatically reproduced in the timeline and the tweet threads. It can be deactivated if you want to save some data.
  • Full — size media: The tweets containing a single image is displayed in full size and in its original ratio. If there is more than one image, the ratio will be adjusted to attach all the images and show the most relevant by face detection.
  • Integration with GIPHY: When a tweet is being written, a GIF button appears that allows us to search directly in GIPHY for a GIF to attach it.
  • Retweets with multimedia content: A feature that integrated Twitter a few weeks ago, now also on Twitterrific. When doing retweet we can attach an image, a video or a GIF.
  • Minor improvements: There are many more changes, some the more relevant are the following: new icons for the app, new themes, stickers for iMessage, new profile screen or the new SF Rounded font.

The business model of Twitterrific

The Iconfactory (the developers of Twitterrific) have wanted to explain what is the new business model of the app now that it has reached version 6. The app is free, with a series of in-app purchases.

The conditions are the following:

  • You can download and use the app without any restrictions for free and forever.
  • If you pay for the app, the advertising banner is removed from the top and the periodic reminders that appear to pay for the app.
  • There are three payments to choose from Euro 0.99 per month, Euro 10.49 per year or Euro 32.99 with a single purchase.
  • Users who purchased Twitterrific in version 5.7 or higher will have the paid version unlocked for the next 6 months.

As we have indicated, you can download Twitterrific 6 from the App Store for free. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re tired of the official Twitter app. Although it has the limits that Twitter imposes (it does not have surveys for example), it is a touch of fresh air that is definitely worth experiencing.

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