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Do you want to get vaccinated? This is the list of countries that will immunize you if you go on tourism

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Manish Saini
Manish works as a Journalist and writer at Revyuh.com. He has studied Political Science and graduated from Delhi University. He is a Political engineer, fascinated by politics, and traditional businesses. He is also attached to many NGO's in the country and helping poor children to get the basic education. Email: Manish (at) revyuh (dot) com

Some countries are vaccinating their citizens at a slow rate due to insufficient doses. So others offer a solution: vaccine tourism

The number of countries that are willing to offer tourists who visit them the possibility of immunization is increasing.

Revyuh brings you the list of countries that have jumped on the vaccine tourism train.

The United Arab Emirates

News about luxury travel to get vaccinated in Dubai came in early February 2021. Those interested spend a few weeks in a house in the sun and receive a vaccination and a vaccination certificate.

Dubai offers a vacation package that includes both doses of the vaccine. One is inoculated just after arrival and the other after 15 days.

The British newspaper The Telegraph said in January that an association called Knightsbridge Circle offered packages starting at $34,000 to travel and get vaccinated. For the British, over 65 there was a package of almost $ 61,000 that included three weeks in a luxury hotel, the plane, the PCR, and the vaccine.

Although there are doubts surrounding the effectiveness of Sinopharm’s drug, Dubai offers other options, such as vaccines from Pfizer-BioNtech and Oxford-AstraZeneca.

The United States

The US – which ranks first in the list of countries with the highest number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 – was one of the first unofficial destinations for vaccine tourism. 

In a short time, it became the leader with the largest number of vaccines available and in the country with the fastest vaccination campaign.

At first, Canadians and Mexicans with dual citizenship could access vaccines in the US. But several states soon restricted access.

Thus, the state of Florida became a kind of oasis for those who wanted to get vaccinated. 

In mid-April, the state of Alaska announced that from June 1 it would offer tourists, including foreigners, a free coronavirus vaccine. Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy has promised that Pfizer or Moderna vaccines will be available at key airports in the state.


Maldives wants to repeat its good results from 2020 in the tourism sector. So in mid-April, the archipelago’s Ministry of Tourism offered to include vaccination in its tourist package.

The 3V program (visit, vaccination, vacation) aims to attract tourists. However, authorities have not yet decided when such a plan will be available.


Cuba is also willing to immunize tourists who visit the country. 

“Beaches, Caribbean, mojitos and vaccine. All in one place. What do you think of this offer?” Thus ends the video that informs of the Cuban Government’s plans.

“Tourists will have the option, if they want, to get vaccinated in Cuba as well,” confirmed Vicente Vérez Bencomo, director of the Finlay Vaccine Institute of the Latin American country, quoted by ABC.

Previously, Cuba began industrial production of a vaccine against COVID-19, Abdala. In addition, several Cuban and Chinese specialists are working on a vaccine called Pan-Corona, which should be effective against various strains of SARS-CoV-2.


Serbia has already immunized a large percentage of its citizens, and even immigrants. At the end of March, the authorities announced that between March 26 and 28, all foreigners who so desired could get vaccinated free of charge. This initiative was very successful.

In April, the Balkan country began producing the vaccine against COVID-19 Sputnik V. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic reported that Serbia would start manufacturing the Russian and Chinese vaccines within 6 or 9 months.


The inhabitants of South and Southeast Asia and Latin America show great interest in being vaccinated in the Eurasian country.

In the official Sputnik V Twitter account, those responsible for the vaccine revealed that Russia plans to launch a vaccination campaign for foreigners in July to “save lives and restore normalcy around the world.”

A 22-day stay in a Russian spa, vaccine included, would cost almost $3600, according to the media. But there are other options, such as two short trips to get immunized at one of the capital’s private hospitals for $2000.

The number of countries willing to vaccinate to attract tourists continues to grow. All tourist packages with the vaccine not only offer landscapes, culture, gastronomy and leisure, but also the possibility of leaving the country with antibodies.

For those who live in countries that lack vaccines against COVID-19 or for age groups that cannot be vaccinated for now according to the vaccination schedule, vaccine tourism is an option, although its cost is quite high.

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