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How Coronavirus Affects Mental Health – 12 Sure Ways to Be Well

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Aakash Molpariya
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Bloomberg’s Niall Ferguson gives us twelve steps to avoid the psychological problems that a pandemic can cause.

Most people stay healthy after a year of pandemic. But do they also remain psychologically healthy? Recent studies show that many people, due to their psychological state, avoided taking care of themselves, leading to further health problems, while many suffered psychologically, either from the constant fear of being infected with the virus or from long-term isolation at home, which does not suit the human species. The coronavirus pandemic, according to new data, leads to a new pandemic of depression, anxiety and stress.

Bloomberg’s Nil Ferguson managed to avoid both types of illness and gives us twelve steps to avoid the psychological problems that the pandemic can create.

Tea, not alcohol

After Ferguson’s experience in Taiwan where he enjoyed tea in oriental teahouses, he says he drinks tea three times a day.

Read Walter Reed Scott (with friends)

Ferguson describes how he decided to read Reed’s Waverly (1814) with his mother, who was five thousand miles away. The book was a very good topic of conversation with his mother, allowing both of them to talk about something different from the pandemic.

Allow someone to recite Proust to you

About four different times, Ferguson failed to read the first volume of In Search of Lost Time. So Ferguson decided to use an audiobook through Amazon’s Audible app.

Listen to Anton Bruckner

The composer, relatively unknown to the everyday citizen, leaves his mark with Symphony No. 4 “Romantic”, while Mendelssohn’s works “Lieder ohne Worte” and Schubert’s Piano Sonata No. 18 are uplifting, delectable samples of their music. Ferguson even listened to contemporary music from the old pandemic of inguinal plague, through Guillaume de Masso’s “Messe de Notre Dame”.

Play a musical instrument

Follow in your footsteps as a teenager, or just experiment with something new.

Watch series like Doctor Who

There is no other series like the enchanting sci-fi series that has been shown on British television since 1963. The episodes can be watched with children or grandchildren, especially if you have “lived” them before.

Go for a walk

Once a day, it is good to go out for a walk, no matter what the weather

Learn cooking

A hobby that helps health (mental and physical) but also the obvious human need for survival

Do not stay in your pajamas

Dress nicely, even if you do not go out. Wear your goodies, so for a change. Or if you want, experiment with clothes with different looks.

Stop social media alerts

Social media can drive you crazy, with multiple alerts, and you can spend all day on them. After all, most people when they are locked up and have nothing to do focus on the screens of mobile devices.

Do not watch matches

Without fans, what good do games do?, wonders Ferguson, who argues that without people, sports are just boring.

OK, okay, besides the tea, drink some alcohol

Well, you’re not going to get hurt. All things in moderation.

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