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In Ukraine, A woman steals dangerous strains of the virus from the lab for selling purpose

The woman intended to sell samples of a dangerous avian virus

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Before her dismissal, the woman took out dangerous strains of viruses from the institute and kept them at home in the refrigerator.

According to the investigation, a former employee of the institute, as a person responsible for maintaining production and control strains of viruses stored in the collection of the National Center for Strains of Microorganisms of Ukraine, having access to such strains, for personal enrichment illegally took bottles of Newcastle virus strain poultry diseases included in the list of especially dangerous (quarantine) diseases of animals approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, as well as in the list of especially dangerous diseases defined by the International Office of Epizootics.

This was announced on Thursday, June 10, by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, as reported by the local media.

To cover up the crime, the head of the sector violated the method of obtaining the main seed of viruses, which involves obtaining an average sample for infecting embryos. That is, the suspect intentionally reduced the number of initial samples to obtain a new passage (infection of a sensitive cell in order to obtain a new population of the virus), did not return them to the repository of microorganisms, and appropriated part of the newly formed material.

“The suspect illegally stored the indicated strains of the virus, for the purpose of further sale, at her place of residence in the refrigerator, where they were found during a search. By her actions, the former employee damaged the State Scientific Control Institute of Biotechnology and Strains of Microorganisms,” the Office of the Prosecutor General emphasizes.

The woman was informed about the suspicion of taking possession of someone else’s property through abuse of office, now the issue of choosing a preventive measure is being decided.

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