JavaScript: NPM leadership takes action against employee complaints

According to a media report, there will probably be no agreement in the dispute between NPM and dismissed employees. In addition, complaints and criticisms of corporate governance are mounting and competition for the company is growing.

After a change in management at the company NPM and some dismissals partly long-time employees, the new CEO Bryan Bogensberger does not seem to agree out of court with the former employees. The British magazine The Register reports, citing third parties who had been informed about the direct talks.

Some of the dismissed employees accuse the new leadership of acting disrespectfully and unprofessionally. In addition, the layoffs could be a form of Union busting, ie the suppression of trade union involvement, which results from formal complaints to the competent authorities, as The Register has already reported.

That Bogensberger now apparently not the way of the unification seeks, but a legal argument, called the report as “strange move”. After all, this could have huge negative consequences for the company if the complaints are correct.

Pressure on NPM is growing

As an operator of the eponymous package archive for Node.js and Javascript packages, the NPM company is an enormously important and critical component of modern software development. The archive is actively used by millions of developers and distributes a huge number of packages.

But in addition to dealing with dismissed employees, more developers have since left the company. Although NPM hires more developers, there is a danger that knowledge about the functioning of the archive could be lost. There are also complaints that the development of about the NPM client is not carried out quickly enough.

The company is also coming under pressure economically. So there are now several alternatives to NPM. This includes Entropic, which was initiated by the former NPM Chief Technology Officer. Likewise, code hoster Github now offers a package archive that is integrated into its service.