OGUsers, the forum of hackers who stole Instagram credentials, hacked by other hackers

OGUsers, the forum of hackers who stole Instagram credentials, hacked by other hackers

OGUsers is a forum in which credentials stolen from Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, Stream, Fortnite, Minecraft and many other services are sold.

Although there is also the possibility of selling your own accounts, this platform was gaining notoriety because some users sold credential packs with passwords of many profiles.

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“A nuclear bomb launched in the forum”

Ironically, this group of hackers has tried a bit of their own medicine, as another group of hackers managed to steal data from this platform. Initially, the administrator assured that he had a problem in a hard disk, having to erase all the information and being forced to use a backup copy.

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This excuse was dismantled when the administrator of a rival forum (Raidforums) made the data public. The administrator of OGUsers then assured that someone was able to access “the server through a custom plugin and thus access a backup of December 2018”.

“OGUsers has been online for about 3 years, and this is the first time there has been a security breach, I understand everyone’s frustration and I deeply regret that all this has happened recently.” Think of other sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and forums) that you have used in the past.

Apparently, some forum users have started receiving phishing emails. The stolen data includes OGUsers user names, their emails, their passwords , IP addresses and even private messages.

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In Motherboard they have managed to obtain a copy of the stolen database and verified that the data is real (since they found the credentials of two accounts that their editors had registered).

A member of OGUsers confessed to this medium that the theft of data is “like a nuclear bomb launched on the web”. Apparently (according to this person), users are concerned that authorities access their data or can hack their personal accounts. That is why many members are leaving the forum.

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