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Swimmers horrifically mauled to death by Great white shark

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A rotting body missing a portion of the right arm and torso washed ashore on La Lucia beach in Durban, South Africa, just as a second body was sighted before being swept away by the current.

During a series of vicious attacks, a great white shark claimed the lives of two people in the water.

A man’s body washed ashore on La Lucia Beach in Durban, South Africa, while a second was observed but was swept away by the current.

The decomposing body was discovered by a walker around 4.30 p.m. on Friday, with emergency officials later establishing that he had been devoured.

Netcare 911, the country’s emergency medical services, said that a section of the right arm and right chest were gone and many shark bites were clearly apparent.

Spokesperson Shawn Herbst said: “Reports indicate that while walking on the beach, a man came across the decomposing body of an adult male face down between washed-up flotsam.

“When medics turned the body over for assessments they found that a portion of the right upper arm and right chest were missing with multiple shark bites clearly visible.

“A second body was also found in the shore break, but it had been washed back out to sea by the strong surf before lifeguards arrived on scene.

“Officials will determine the exact cause of death with the body handed over to Durban SAPS for further investigation.”

It comes after frantic residents of a small Colombian island raced to the sea to hunt down an eight-foot tiger shark before it “kills them.”

Last month, Italian Antonio Straccialini, 56, was brutally mauled to death while swimming off the coast of the Caribbean island of San Andres.

The tragic man lost a lot of blood as a result of the mauling and went into hypovolemic shock before dying.

Chillingly, the shark responsible for the act is still at large leaving many locals terrified to go into the sea.

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You were reading: Swimmers horrifically mauled to death by Great white shark

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