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Hackers have managed to steal 40 million dollars in Bitcoin to Binance

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Aakash Molpariya
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Lately, every time we talk about cryptocurrencies is not very good news: hacking, falls or robberies occupy most of the headlines. The days of important rises and green figures are getting farther and farther away.

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Binance, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that they have suffered a “large-scale” hack. As a result, hackers have managed to take more than 40 million dollars in cryptocurrencies.

2% of Binance’s Bitcoins

Through this attack, hackers have taken 7,000 Bitcoins (BTC), which were in Binance’s hot purse (the one connected to the network). We are facing the largest cryptocurse hack so far this year.

“The hackers had the patience to wait, and execute well-orchestrated actions through multiple apparently independent accounts at the most opportune moment.

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The transaction is structured in such a way that it has passed our existing security controls. “

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the company, offered more details about the hacking in a stream in Periscope. He said that they still do not know exactly how many users have been affected and that Binance will be able to cover the lost bitcoins without needing help.


In addition, it published a tweet in which they announced that they would perform a maintenance service, suspending deposits and withdrawals on the platform for several hours.

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Not the first time Binance suffers a hack, and early last year l bequeathed to offer $ 250,000 reward to those who could help them find some hackers involved in a robbery.

At that time, the company said it would reserve 10 million dollars in cryptocurrencies for future rewards . We will have to wait to see if they launch a program to reward those who help them find the hackers of this new theft.

Source: Binance

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