Major headlines in today’s newspapers including the government’s cleanliness regarding lotus on passport

Major headlines in today's newspapers including the government's cleanliness regarding lotus on passport

Government double hit industrial production and inflation rate, Delhi: Lightning strikes at IGI Airport, two passengers injured and other top news headlines

The news of all the reconsideration petitions being rejected in the Ayodhya case is on the front page of all newspapers today. A total of 19 petitions were filed in this case. But the Supreme Court rejected them on the very first day. Apart from this, the news of boil in the Northeast on the Citizenship Amendment Bill has also been included in the headlines. In Assam, the police had to shoot at many places to control the protesters. Two people died and many others were injured in it. With the approval of the President, this bill has now become law.

Industrial production and inflation double hit on the government

The government, which is seeking relief on the economy front, has been disappointed by the figures of industrial production and retail inflation. According to Dainik Jagran, the production of factories has registered a decline of 3.8 percent in October. This is the third month when there has been a decrease in this production. At the same time, the rate of retail inflation reached 5.54 percent in November. This is its highest level in the last three years. Due to the slowdown of the economy, the government is constantly facing opposition attacks.

Lotus on passport

There is a ruckus about the lotus sign on the Indian passport. According to Dainik Bhaskar, the Ministry of External Affairs has given a clarification regarding this. The ministry says that this has been done to strengthen safety standards. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar has said that to identify fake passports and to strengthen the security features of passports, the lotus mark has been installed. He also said that the lotus is the symbol of the national flower. Ravish Kumar also said that apart from lotus, there are many national symbols which will be used in the passport in turn.

Delhi: Lightning hits IGI Airport, two passengers injured

Rain and snowfall have dropped mercury across North India. Meanwhile, lightning struck outside the T3 terminal of IGI Airport in Delhi last night. According to Navbharat Times, two passengers were seriously injured by this. Among them is a foreigner. The condition of one is said to be critical. Bad weather also affected air traffic. It is said that due to this, about 100 flights to and from here were delayed. The routes of some of these also had to be changed.