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Soviet satellite and a fragment of the Chinese rocket cross without colliding over Antarctica

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The former Soviet satellite Cosmos-2004 launched into orbit in 1989, and a stage of the Chinese rocket CZ-4C R/B, launched in 2009, crossed over Antarctica without any setback, confirmed the US company LeoLabs that tracks pieces of space junk.

“There is no indication of a collision. CZ-4C R / B passed over LeoLabs’ Kiwi Space Radar 10 minutes after the TCA . Our data shows only a single object, as we’d hoped with no signs of debris,” the company posted to its Twitter account.

Initially, LeoLabs rated as high the risk of collision of both objects, which were to cross at 00:56 GMT this Friday about 991 kilometers above Antarctica. Subsequent calculations, however, lowered the probability of a collision to 10 percent and estimated the minimum distance between the two after the TCA at 12 meters.
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