The Walking Dead: Maggie Back in Season 10?


The Walking Dead took a new turn in the ninth season, rewarding us with a jump in time for six years and leaving out some of the star characters of the first seasons. Maggie is one of them, but she could soon be back, according to the latest live news from Hollywood.

Before continuing reading this article, please note that the following lines contain many spoilers.

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It will be best not to continue reading if you are not up to date on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead: a season 9 that marked a break

Angela Kang, the new showrunneuse of the series, put in a fantastic kick in the anthill during the ninth season of the series of AMC.

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Not content to make Rick disappear, she also chose to draw a line on Maggie. Officially, she left to help Georgie to build a new community.

By the time the character’s departure had been made public, Lauren Cohan, her interpreter, had indicated that she had chosen to leave the series not to be confined to a single role. Rumors, however, circulated afterwards, with rumors indicating that the departure had been conditioned by the failure of his wage bargaining attempt.

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Maggie coming back soon?

Subsequently, the actress was quite discreet, but she came back in the spotlight when she was announced in the casting of Whiskey Cavalier, a drama focusing on the story of an FBI agent contrait to collaborate with a CIA agent. Agent precisely embodied by Cohan.

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It would appear, however, that the new series did not meet the expected success, and ABC made it known that it had been canceled for lack of sufficient audiences. Of course, it is possible that the series is taken over by another channel or even by a platform of SVOD, but Lauren Cohan has also made known several times that she would be quite happy to take on the role of Maggie Greene.

From there to imagine a return of the character in the tenth season of the series, there is only one step. Especially since this famous season should also mark the departure of Michonne, Danai Gurira wishing to sail to other skies.

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