Video: Chinese fighter jet pilots put their skills to the test

Video: Chinese fighter jet pilots put their skills to the test

The Chinese newspaper People’s Daily shared images of a real air combat training carried out by pilots of the Asian country in their J-10 fighters.

The images, recorded from inside the cabin, reveal some extremely interesting details. One of them is the fact that Chinese fighter pilots use American lingo when communicating in the air. That, of course, unless his words were not translated specifically for the video.

Thus, they can be heard saying tally, which comes to mean that they have the enemy in sight, fox 2, which warns about the launch of a short-range missile with an infrared-directed warhead. The use of English words by Chinese pilots has been talked about for some time, but this is probably the first time that this has been confirmed, reports The Drive.

Another detail of great interest is the flight instruments that are presented on the screen, although some of their parts are hidden. The same goes for the main panel of the cabin.

Judging by the images, these were recorded from inside the two-seater training version of this fighter, the J-10AS. This, in turn, indicates that the training was carried out in Shandong province, where the 34th Air Brigade is located. Only this unit has both the J-10A and J-10AS.