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Man loses his leg after contracting COVID-19

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Kamal Saini
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The Briton urged others to maintain social distance in order to avoid contracting the coronavirus.

In the UK, a resident of the English city of Bournemouth, 56-year-old Lee Mabbatt suffered a leg amputation after he developed a blood clot as a result of infection with Sars-Cov-2.

This was reported by the Daily Mail.

Lee Mabbatt reportedly contracted COVID-19 in late October. He lost his taste and his whole body ached. After ten days of isolation at home, Mabbatt’s health improved. The man decided that he had recovered from his illness, but later realized that he had problems with his right leg. 

The Englishman called the National Health Service, who advised him to take painkillers.

“After a few days, the pain in my leg worsened. This time, I was advised to go to the emergency room. The CT scan revealed a 15 cm blood clot in the upper thigh”

Mabbatt said.

Surgeons promptly performed surgery to remove the blood clot to restore blood supply to Mabbat’s leg. But a few days later, the toes and the arch of the patient’s right foot began to turn black. After the operation, Mabbatt remained in the hospital for 13 days. The blood supply did not resume and his leg slowly began to die off.

Doctors decided to amputate the patient’s leg in January, and the man was temporarily discharged from the hospital. However, on December 15, he was taken back to the medical facility and urgently amputated a limb, as it turned black.

“‘I should be walking again with a prosthetic in three months. I just want to walk my dogs and lead a normal life, but it is different now. ‘I’m very lucky with what my life is like. I live in a bungalow and I can work from home whilst sitting in a wheelchair. It’s not going to affect me as much as it has other people”

he said.

Mabbatt stressed that he was completely healthy before the coronavirus. 

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