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In Phoenix, a family makes an unexpected find while planting a tree in their home

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Kamal Saini
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A family found a surprise gift when they were planting a tree in their house: while digging a hole for the plant they came across a sack full of firearms.

The Phoenix Police Department posted on Twitter that a family found a bag of rusted guns while digging a hole to plant a tree.

The family, who live in the house where the weapons were found, did not speak directly to the press. 

According to Yajira Enríquez, a neighbor of the place, the family has lived in that house for four years, but previously there were other tenants. And, before that, the house was uninhabited for almost a year.

The Police opened an investigation and hope to have more information using the serial numbers of the weapons. One of the questions that most interests the Police is whether the weapons were used in a crime. 

In addition, it is not ruled out to investigate the family that found them, although the authorities did thank this family for reporting on the unusual finding.

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